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the reasons i shave

  • wearing sweats and feeling the flowiness 
  • going to the pool and getting into the water like damn that’s so nice
  • just feeling my legs and thinking dang that’s smooth

not the reason i shave

  • boys


heteronormativity is so weird like yesterday I was at my aunts beach house and some of her in-laws brought over this small baby. and the baby puts it’s hand on it’s brow to keep the sun out of it’s eyes and his father says “look at that! Leon is looking for girls!” Leon is eight months old I don’t think he knows what a girl is yet

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America: Where dudes can get unlimited boner pills that have no other medical use but women can’t get birth control pills that prevent cancers, regulate periods, help with menstrual cramping, prevent break outs, and help with cysts. 

I think it’s time for a woman’s uprising.

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